Bergeron Technical During the Coronavirus Emergency

Bergeron Technical During the Coronavirus Emergency – Updated 4-23-2020

It’s hard to imagine but a whole month of world-wide disorder due to this damn virus is behind us.  The best news, and there is some good news, is we here at BTS, and as far as we know amongst our friends at Riverside 290, do not know of any loved one that has suffered from this malady yet.  We hate saying “yet” but we have all learned that we, a loved one, or one of our loved clients and friends could be next.  What to do?  Caution mixed with intelligence has become SOP. BTS will continue with what we do as our little company and our clients and friends contribute a lot to society and in doing so, we are all helping to steady our worlds ship through a sea of crap.  We certainly are social distancing and Linda has made close to and distributed 100 masks which we are all stylishly wearing.  If you want one or ten, track her down.  Is this new world weird?  Damn right it is.  Can we all get through this?  More likely than not.  Remember, despite the absolute doom and gloom that we can hear at 6:00 every evening or find on any “news” website, Covid-19 is not J.K. Rowling’s flash of blinding green light.  If you’re here in the Mount Washington Valley there’s excellent news: We’ve found the dining establishments that are offering take out to be as good as served on site and just in the past few days, our brewery clients are legally offering beer to go! (Keep them closed till you get home). Take this time to plant the garden, cut your firewood early, enjoy your loved ones and play Scrabble.

Almost the same closing thoughts as a month ago – be well, take care of yourself and those close to you, be responsible and practice social distancing.

Shawn, Kate, Linda and the Corporate Spaniels

Most importantly, we are very much still here for our clients.  This is a weird and trying time for all of us but Kate, Linda, Shawn and the company dogs are, as much as is humanly (and canine) possible, still doing what we do.  Shawn is in the office daily, available by phone call, email and video conference by appointment. Linda is in the office on her usual few days each week. Kate will be in the office infrequently and working from home, toiling away as mom, teacher and BTS Project Manager. Kate is reachable during regular business days at her email address, though it may take a bit longer than usual for her to respond, it will be no longer than one business day.

If you have an ongoing project with us, you’ve heard from Shawn and we’ve talked through a plan for your project’s future.  Very few clients have asked that we hit the “pause” button, so we continue with planning, building and fire code consulting and our design work.

About Visits and In-person Contact: The meetings here at 290, our out-of-office work, and at-your-site stuff… yes, those are all a bit precarious.  As much as we enjoy meeting with you and being at your properties (and much of the time we cannot do our work without spending time there), we are hunkering down a bit.  We’ll continue to do what we do but you may find us hesitant and asking some unusual questions before we commit to face to face meetings and on-site visits and work.

In closing, thanks for having us with you on your projects for the past twenty-one years.  Kate, Linda and Shawn are confident the vast majority will come through this just fine.  In closing, some words of wisdom from one of our clients on March 20th.

During a conversation with one of our doctor clients earlier today he explained what the medical community is learning about the transmission of this virus:  As an example; he said someone can become infected with Coronavirus and not show symptoms for many, many days; the medical world is beginning to think perhaps as long as 14 days, but maybe more.  During that time, the carrier can be transmitting the virus to many others, some of whom will become ill very quickly, others, like the first, will not show symptoms for quite some time.  This can go on and on, exponential growth as it’s titled in math and science, as long as people continue to move to and fro as if there’s nothing going on.  He said the only way to stop this is the whole social distancing at all times and isolation if that becomes necessary.

Be well everyone.