Accessibility Projects

Accessibility and ADA requirements apply to all commercial, public, and multi-family housing buildings. The requirements for scoping and technical design can be confusing. Bergeron Technical Services employs ICC Certified Accessibility Inspectors /Plans Examiners. We can inspect your buildings for compliance, review building and renovation plans for compliance and provide design services. Whether it be a bathroom, ramp for access, or a full building review, the team at Bergeron Technical Services are well equipped and knowledgeable in the world of accessibility. Many of our projects integrate some level of accessibility design or code review to ensure all construction and design projects are compliant.

Kimball Union Academy Dormitories

Bergeron Technical Services provided Accessibility and Building Code Plan review services to Vermont Integrated Architecture for the renovation of and additions to several dormitory buildings at Kimball Union Academy. Accessibility Review included determining the number of rooms that needed to be accessible, the locations and details for accessible entrances, accessible paths throughout the building, access between stories and details and dimensional requirements for accessible bathrooms.

Dockside Restaurant

Plans and specifications for accessible public restrooms were developed by Bergeron Technical Services on behalf of the Town of Wolfeboro at the Dockside Grille Restaurant. These restrooms are accessed from the exterior of the building to be available to the public without having to go into the restaurant.

Bernerhof Inn

As a historic inn, dating back to the late 1700’s, the Bernerhof Inn is a landmark in the Town of Bartlett and a yearly destination for many. Being of its age, the Bernerhof Inn was not designed to accommodate folks with disabilities. Bergeron Technical Services assisted the owners of the Inn with designs to renovate areas of the first floor to provide accessible accommodation and accessible common restrooms.