The Bergeron Technical Services Story

Since 1999 Bergeron Technical Services has helped their clients with all types of building inspections, regulatory agency assistance and with construction project administration.  Bergeron brings success to their clients’ projects because of their knowledge of the industry, years of experience and the desire to always look out for their clients’ best interest.  At Bergeron Technical Services you will never hear “we don’t do that”.  Instead you’ll hear “how can we help?”.  If a service that our client needs is one that we don’t provide in house we know where we can get it done.  As a Bergeron client you’ll never be left to fend for yourself.  It’s important to us that our clients’ projects are completed successfully due to the efforts that we provide.

What exactly is the makeup of BTS?  We’re not licensed engineers or licensed architects, but we have education and experience in these fields.  We’re not tradesmen, but we’ve successfully worked in the trades.  We’re not attorneys but we are recognized as experts by the Courts and we work with attorneys regularly.  We’re not teachers, but Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and Code Officials all attend our seminars to learn about building and fire codes and to earn continuing education credits that are necessary to maintain their licenses.  Basically we are recognized as experts in building construction, code interpretation and application and land use issues and our knowledge allows us to communicate and work intelligently with professionals and lay people.  We work hard to remove the mystery from the work that we do and to make sure that our clients are treated fairly.