Q. How much does a home inspection cost and how soon can you do it?
A. Home inspection cost varies on factors including the size of the home and its location relative to our office. Our schedule is dependent on our work load and schedule at the time. Give us a call and we can give you a quote and current scheduling capabilities.

Q. Can you help me to work with the local Fire Chief/Building Inspector?
A. Absolutely. We pride ourselves on knowing the codes, being able to navigate the permitting process, and working with the local enforcement authorities to make sure that your project is getting fair treatment and the appropriate code requirements are being applied.

Q. I was told I needed an accessibility/ADA certification for my building/space. Who can help me with this?
A. We can! As an ICC Certified Accessibility Plans Examiner/Inspector, Kate Richardson is permitted by State of NH Statute to review and certify plans for accessibility compliance, or inspect your building for compliance.

Q. Does my building/store/office need to be accessible or ADA compliant?
A. If your building serves the general public, yes. Different requirements for different types of buildings apply. Kate Richardson is certified by the International Code Council to inspect buildings and review plans for accessibility compliance.

Q. Do you inspect commercial buildings?
A. Yes we do. The majority of our work is done for the commercial sector. Our inspectors work within the commercial codes and do commercial and municipal inspections regularly.

Q. What is the Life Safety Code and do I need to comply?
A. The Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, is the Code the State of NH and many other states, cities and municipalities use to ensure that buildings and structures are constructed and maintained in a way to curtail and prevent the loss of lives in an emergency or fire event. The LSC is adopted as part of the State of NH Fire Code, Saf-C 6000.

Q. How do I begin the process of developing my property?
A. We suggest a Land Use Analysis, which can be done as a review and analysis of State and Local laws and regulations to determine if a specific use you have in mind would be permitted and feasible, or simply what types of uses would be permitted or feasible for your property.

Q. I want to develop my lakefront/riverfront property. Do I need a NH Department of Environmental Services Shoreland Permit?
A. Most likely. Shoreland Impact Permits are required to be issued through the NHDES for projects that are located within 250 feet of the shoreline of designated waterbodies in the State of NH, including lakes, ponds and rivers. Local cities and municipalities may also have regulations and permits that are required for properties located on or near surface waters. Bergeron Technical Services provides permitting services for both State and local permitting for Shoreland, Wetland, Alteration of Terrain permits, Site Plan Approvals and other land use permits and approvals.

Q. Do I need a sprinkler system in my building?
A. Every building is unique in use and design and therefore the answer to this question can range from a clear cut yes or no, to partial building coverage, or a single head covering a furnace. Sometimes a performance-based plan to avoid or reduce sprinkler system requirements can be negotiated. Give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you and your local code enforcement officer determine the best solution for your property.

Q. I need a septic system designed. Can you recommend a designer?
A. Bergeron Technical Services now offers State of NH septic designs.

Q. Can you tell me if my builder is complying with the Building Code on my project?
A. Yes we can. Bergeron Technical Services provides construction project administration services to suit your needs. All of our inspectors are licensed in the State of NH and hold at least one certification from the International Code Council (ICC). We can be contracted to provide building code compliance plan reviews and on-going project inspections. We can also provide bid packages and administration, prepare and execute project contracts and manage the construction project payment process.