Building and Fire Code Reviews

The building and fire codes were the greatest force leading to the development of Bergeron Technical back in 1999. While Shawn was working as the building official for the Town of Conway, he was often being asked to help people outside of Conway with the code requirements for their projects which led to a “side hustle” before that term had even been developed. For more than two decades, we have helped municipal officials, design professionals and property owners in the accurate application of the Building and Fire codes to their projects. We aim for complete code compliance without allowing our clients to be persuaded into implementing “requirements” that really aren’t required.

Badger Balm Building

Bergeron Technical Services assisted Badger Balm in Gilsum, NH with multiple projects. These projects include the review of design plans for a new warehouse addition for compliant egress, and determining the appropriate type of building fire protection sprinkler system when their factory began manufacturing hand sanitizer using ethanol alcohol. Our review of the manufacturing process and materials assisted the design company and local authority having jurisdiction to determine an appropriate extinguishing medium and the level of coverage for protection of the building and occupants.

Milan Village School

Bergeron Technical Services assisted the Milan Village School and local fire department with a full Life Safety Inspection and Code Review of the existing building and proposed renovations and changes to the building.