Forensic Building Analysis

Sometimes bad things happen in buildings. Water infiltration, structural failure, cracks drywall or foundations are examples of problems that often don’t have straight forward answers. Bergeron Technical Services staff are experienced in performing forensic building analysis to determine the origination, extent and most importantly solution to problems that plague buildings.

Bartlett Place

Bergeron Technical Services assisted the Homeowners Association at Bartlett Place Condominiums to determine the cause and repair water infiltration into the finished basement of one of the condominium units. Plans to mitigate the problem were developed and the work was inspected by Bergeron Technical Services.

Residential Foundation

Bergeron Technical performed a forensic analysis on a foundation for a residential home in Freedom that had been damaged over time from being exposed to weather and not having a building placed atop it. A design to repair and reinforce the foundation was performed by Bergeron Technical to allow the owners to have their home placed atop the foundation once repaired.