Land Use Analysis

A proper land use analysis or “LUA” as we call them, is to a piece of land what a Bergeron Technical building inspection is to a building. While working with a potential buyer, the better of our many Realtor friends will send a potential property buyer to BTS for our LUA service. This land use study analyzes the property, making comparisons between what the various land use regulations will allow to what a potential buyer would like to do with the property. Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a large piece of land with the intent being to subdivide it into dozens of homes lots to then learn that there are municipal or state regulations that prevent what you wanted to do. We’ve seen this and it’s not pretty. While we can never fully assure that the result of an LUA will lead to fully successful permitting, we can at least lead you away from the more costly pitfalls. If you’re considering buying or have purchased property and have asked, “What can I do with this property?”, this is the service for you. Our staff has plentiful experience in land use regulations, land surveying, and land use permitting that we can give you the best insight into the possibilities of your property.

Intervale Crossing

When a long-time BTS client was interested in purchasing the former Wooden Soldier Catalog Outlet Building, they knew who to call to determine what they could do with the building. Our Land Use Analysis determined what uses could be permitted within the building, based on the Town of Bartlett’s Zoning Ordinance and the extent of those uses based on the capacity of the existing septic system. In addition, Bergeron Technical Services performed a building inspection, project permitting and administration services.

Flatbread Restaurant

When Flatbread Company approached Bergeron Technical Services with a potential new location for their North Conway restaurant we said, “Hold on, let’s make sure this property works for all your needs”. We performed a land use analysis of the former Delaney Residence property to determine if a new restaurant would be feasible on this site, and if so, the size and permitting requirements, including the site design constraints when going through the Site Plan Review process. Bergeron Technical Services performed the project permitting as well.