Do we have any job openings? Well….. yes, maybe and maybe not. If you’ve worked through our web site you can see that we are a small company that provides a wide array of services. Everyone here enjoys working on an array of tasks and is constantly expected to develop their skills and knowledge. Within our present staff there are inspectors, fire protection specialists, accessibility specialists, land surveying technicians, land use specialists, architectural drafters etc., etc. In our office our clients come first and that’s why they come back again and again.

Do you see yourself fitting in here? Do you want to work in a place where you can enjoy the people you work with and are provided the opportunity to show what you can do and get credit for it, or…. do you go to work every day with the goal being to make it to Friday? If you’re in the first group, you may want to talk with us. If you’re in the second group… not so much. Recently we’ve talked about having a licensed architect, land surveyor, structural and/or civil engineer on board. We have many licensed professionals that we contract work out to regularly and no, we aren’t looking to replace them as they’re our friends, but the work load is becoming such that having licensed professionals in house would be nice. Having read all of this keep in mind that even if you are the world’s best land surveyor, Shawn’s going to expect you’re going to enjoy crawling around inside some mold infested crawlspace to document existing conditions too. Feel free to send Shawn a cover letter and resume if you think you’d like to be part of this team and if you send us any information, be confident that whatever you send will be held in complete confidence.