Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile

2/3 to 3/4 of the old inn was demolished to make room for the distillery. Bergeron Technical Services provided project coordination, permitting and administrative services throughout the project. The remaining portion of the Tamworth Inn (Red building in pictures) was gutted on the interior and rehabilitated on the exterior. The exterior was retrofitted with a front porch, designed by Bergeron Technical Services, to match a previously removed porch shown in historical photographs of the Inn. The new Distillery building is a state-of-the art facility designed for manufacturing spirits of all types, a botanical kitchen for recipe development and the beautiful retail space which includes a tasting bar for sampling all the products made on site, a sun room overlooking the gardens and barrel house, and a large picture window to view the distilling operations and all the beautiful copper. Bergeron Technical Services assisted the owners with procuring and configuring the distilling equipment, designed and produced by Vendome Copper and Brass Works of Louisville, KY. The design of the distillery incorporates a 35,000 gallon cistern in the foundation, beneath the distillery, to supply the building’s sprinkler system and allow for cycling and re-use of the cooling water used to condense the spirits in the distilling equipment.

Tamworth Distilling Article from Spring 2017 edition of NH Home

Grants Shop & Save Supermarket

Bergeron Technical Services worked with the management at Grant’s Shop ‘N Save in Glen, NH to permit, design and construct a new entry to be both attractive and provide the market with more functionality. Local land use permitting was performed by Bergeron Technical Services and their subcontractors to allow for the expansion of the building by eight feet towards Route 302. All design work was performed in the Bergeron Technical Services office by our staff. Bid and construction documents were prepared and distributed by the Bergeron Technical Services office. We administered and inspected the project during construction through to completion to ensure all project documents and specifications were followed and final product was well built and high quality.

World Fellowship in Albany

The World Fellowship has a long and storied history here in the Mount Washington Valley. As such, their facilities are older and were in need of some fire-code related improvements. Bergeron Technical Services worked with the Center’s co-directors to inspect and analyze each of the Center’s buildings and develop and Life Safety plan to be implemented over time to ensure that guests at the World Fellowship Center enjoy safe accommodations.

Tamworth Garden

The Garden Building , as it was called, was remodeled to become the barrel house for the Tamworth distillery. Historically the building had enjoyed many previous uses, including as a practice stage for the historic Barnstormer’s Summer Theater, located across the street, and as an exhibition center for boxing matches and basketball games. The Garden was moved, restored and renovated to provide Tamworth Distilling a beautiful and functional location to store their aging spirits. The building is heated with radiant heating installed in the floor slab, to keep the spirits at the optimum temperature for infusion with the charred oak barrels. The Garden Building renovation was designed, permitted and administered by Bergeron Technical Services.

North Conway Water Precinct

The North Conway Water Precinct project included design and project administration services. Bergeron Technical Services worked with the staff of the Precinct and SISR Architecture to design an addition to the Precinct’s existing Administration and Treatment Plant Building in North Conway. The addition would provide expanded office space for the administrative staff and a meeting room for The Commissioners while also being designed and constructed to seamlessly blend with the existing building to make it appear as though it had been a part of the original construction. The building was designed to function efficiently, using high r-rating insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems and LED light fixtures throughout. Oversight of the project from General Contractor Bid through Occupancy was performed to ensure the Precinct, its staff and commissioners had a high quality and fully functional space to last well into the future.

Saco River Medical Group

Saco River Medical Group added their second medical office in an existing commercial building in Glen, NH. Bergeron Technical Services provided existing building documentation, occupancy permitting, project design, construction project administration & State of NH HHS licensing services.

Wolfeboro Library

Bergeron Technical Services inspected the Wolfeboro Public Library for compliance with the State of NH Fire Code and a general building inspection to assist them with preplanning for a possible expansion. Bergeron Technical Services also provided subcontracted hazardous materials testing.

Best Western White Mountain Inn

Bergeron Technical Services provided design services for the planning and installation of a new three-stop elevator at the Best Western in Franconia, New Hampshire. The elevator was retrofitted into the center of the building to provide an accessible path for guests to access the second story guestrooms and lower level amenities. Bergeron Technical Services worked with Pine State Elevators of Portland, ME to determine the best type of elevator for the retrofit and the best model to serve the hotel.